May 07
Return Home

Later today, I'd board a plane back to San Francisco, and my trip would be at an end. I thought I'd take this one last opportunity to go out into the neighborhood around the hotel to see how the people lived.

Ocean Hotel

My stroll took me on the street beneath my window -- that's it up there on the 22nd floor, somewhere along the left side. The rain hasn't deterred much in the way of activity, but at this hour most people have already headed off to work. A few school children, locals, and elders mingle along the street.

Old Alley

Just a peek down a narrow alley. This is one of the older parts of town; who knows just how much longer things will be this way. The elderly lament the change, the younger crowd look forward to it.

Farewell Shanghai

Sitting at Gate 18, I take this shot of the long tent-like superstructure over Shanghai Pudon airport.

Wo dao le!

Home at last! After two weeks, it's good to be back home... a bit weedier than I remember leaving it, but home none the less.

That was fun.