February 06
In The Air Again

The following morning, we did the hurry-up and wait thing at the airport in Macau; they weren't prepared for the diversion, so security wasn't letting us back onto the plane without boarding passes -- at least not until an airline official came down and explained things. Then, without much more ado, we were put onto the plane, and happily back on our way to Taipei.

Strange Airspace Rules

The diversion happened to be during the historic agreement between China and Taiwan, where "direct" flights were allowed. Previously, travelers going from one place to the other had to fly to a third desitantion (typically Hong Kong,) deplane, and get on another flight, usually adding 3-4 hours to a trip that's typically only 100 miles. Now, for a window between January 29 and February 20, "direct" flights are allowed between the mainland and the island, provided that the plane flies through Hong Kong or Macau airspace. Hmmm... but we took off from Macau airspace. Why the jog over Hong Kong? I guess the pilot was being extra careful with this unscheduled flight.

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