Ludwig's "Cabin in the Woods"

Linderhof is another of Mad King Ludwig's fanciful creations, though much more contemporary than the purely fantastic Neuschwanstein castle.

The Grounds of Linderhof
The Grounds of Linderhof
This place is comparatively modest compared to the other estates where Ludwig lived. Really just a summer retreat, the small main building was just barely enough for the king and a very small staff. Nevertheless, it is richly appointed, and the extensive grounds have a little of everything.

A little of everything, indeed, but a lot of statues and fountains. Surrounding the pond in front of the building can be seen statues of various mythical figures, such as Venus and Eros, assorted nymphs, and an assortment of gods. The Neptune fountains in the rear of the building boasts the sea-god riding his chariot driven by foaming sea-horses. Venus and Eros
Venus and Eros

Golden Angel Trumpeting
Golden Angel Trumpeting
Nearby, the more tranquil parts of the garden secret numerous treasures, including this golden angel, cherubs, beautiful enamel urns, and the like. It must have been rough roughing it.

One of the sights to see lays a short walk away from the main building. The Moorish Kiosk, a small but extravagant building, was one of Ludwig's favorite spots. The east was still shrouded in mystery during his reign, and this building was erected to play to the imagination. Path to the Moorish Kiosk
Path to the Moorish Kiosk

Exquisite Moorish Details
Exquisite Moorish Details
From afar, the building has a quaint character to it, but as you approach, you realize the incredible workmanship of the place. Here, a corner of the building shows just how painstakingly elaborate the exterior is.

And while the outside is elaborate, the inside is even more so. Stained glass and a central chandalier provide the light in this elaborate hideaway. Inside, one is bathed in jewel-tones, golds, and deep reds. Moorish geometric forms persist throughout. Inside the Kiosk
Inside the Kiosk

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