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Happy Holidays from ... 1988?

Well, long before there was this thing called the Internet, there were BBSs... Bulletin Boards. Yeah; this was on “dial-up”... computers connected to other computers by “modems” using land-lines...

PEMDAS is Problematic; BODMAS is Bogus!

I was helping my daughter with her homework the other day. Math...

On Goto, Continue, and Break

Is goto good or bad? What about continue, break, and those sorts of things. Let's take a look, shall we?

So You Think You Know JAVA?

How many people can claim to have known JAVA before Sun released it? Well, this isn't exactly the Java you think it is...

Top Level Boondoggle

Earlier this week in Singapore, the ICANN, that top-level governing body of internet names, brought forth a stinker of a plan.

Review: i-Mate Jasjar cell-phone-and-everything-else

I'm happy to say that my love/hate relationship with the HP 6315 has come to an end. That unloved step-child of Hewlett Packard, it tried its best, but its best just wasn't good enough.

USB External Battery

I've commented elsewhere about the silliness of carrying a bunch of single-tasker chargers while going traveling...

On the Sensational and the Banal

I've been watching NASA TV a fair bit recently. If you're not familiar with that, it's mostly live feeds from whatever is happening in space at the moment...

Domain Slammers

You remember when "The Phone Company" was broken up into Baby Bells? (Okay, maybe you don't, but don't sweat it.) All of a sudden, there were a grunch of phone companies competing for customers, many of which are now household names (Sprint, MCI...

Mattering NABOBs

I was completely surprised—albeit pleasantly so—when Pierce pointed out that I had been mentioned in a Wikipedia article... (well...

PayPal is not your Pal

Well... not mine, anyway.

Do You Know Where Your Towel Is?

Went to see the new Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy movie...

Farewell, Interland

Things will be changing here shortly. I hope it won't be too noticeable to most of of our visitors, but there will be a gradual transition of domains away from our up-til-now service provider, Interland.

Mini-Review: Pentax istDS Digital Camera

I've already written a review on the Pentax *istDS on my other board.... Summary: It's sweet.

Review: HP iPaq H6315

Two years ago, I was one of the first to pick up a device with the ungainly name of "T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition," (PPC/PE for short, shown below/left) a device I would soon come to consider indispensible...

Picking Up

Well, Pierce reminded me that I haven't been doing much with GAB, so I'm back to this (in addition to everything else that's going on! ;) Since we've been doing product reviews, this seems like a useful place to share some of that.

Maiden Voyage

Well, Pierce and I just finished this new blog/message-board software we call GAB (for "Great! Another Blog!") so we've both started our own boards to take the bits out for a shakedown cruise...