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Journey with Raven

Retracing Raven's Steps, a photo-essay through the Color Country of the United States Southwest. Raven, according to Native American tradition, is one of the creators of the world. He's also a cunning trickster. Included in this essay are sights in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, clearly Raven's country.


A family reunion provided the incentive to put down the keyboard and fly back to Germany after 18 years absence and rediscover the picturesque bavarian landscape and sights in this photo-chronicle from earlier this spring.

Travel Photos and Essays

These are things that are waiting in the wings for publication on MediusRes.com or are so small, they don't warrant a full spread, like a trip to Angkor Wat and Taipei. Enjoy.

Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

A vacation photo-chronicle of Crater Lake, Clear Lake, Olympic National Park, and Victoria, BC.

Zhong-guo, My trip to China

In spring of 2003, I took a trip to China. If there's something vaguely familiar about that time, it should be: SARS was at its peak, and in less than two months after that, the Three Gorges Dam Project would raise the water of the Yangtze...

Other stuff:
Mandarin Learning

Want to learn Chinese? This work-in-progress site aims to help. There's also this Mandarin Quick Reference Tool.