Travel Photos

This is just an informal collection of travel photos (and sometimes, photo essays) not quite as polished as what I've published at

  • Annapolis Maryland - February 2003 - Photos from the capital of Maryland (and one-time capital of the United States.)
  • The California Coast - June 2003 - Photos of Monterey, Carmel, and locations along the California Coast.
  • Pt. Reyes National Seashore - March 2004 - Limantour Beach, Drake's Bay, Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, and Chimney Rock.
  • New York - New York City and Ithaca (home of Cornell University.)
  • Vancouver, Canada - The west-coast Canadian city with influences from both US and Europe.
  • San Francisco, California - Okay, so this isn't really "travel" (for me) but there are a bunch of great photos for you to take a look at.