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Shelf-Top Module Photos

You asked; here they are... Just the module pictures. Please see the related article for the details.

My first module, an old town shopping district
Module Type: Standard Single
Farmhouse along the track
Module Type: Standard Single
Crossing over a highway
Module Type: Standard Single
Historic District across the tracks from Downtown
Module Type: Tight Corner
The Hida "Wide View" Express rounds the bend
Module Type: Tight Corner Wye
A diesel bus trundles back to town
Module Type: Tight Corner Wye
Left-end Siding, Decorated Right-end Siding, Decorated
Back of Right-end Siding, Decorated
With no attached backdrop, the back looks as good as the front
Three modules connected.
To illustrate that Shelf-Top Modules are not just for modeling Japan, I've snapped together three modules: a tight corner (with tunnel) in the distance, a transition module in front of that, and in the foreground is the same overcrossing used in the three-module photo above. Notice that I pulled off the overhead catenary to make the place look a bit more American.

Keep watching this space for more photos as they become available!