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Useful Links

With some down time during the holidays, I've taken the time to put together some links that I've found useful.

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Modeling Japanese Railroads
 — Thomas M. Tuerke

Most of these pages are N scale, since that's the scale (or gauge, to be precise) of choice in Japan. That said, there is a huge selection of Japanese rolling stock available from vendors.

  • Akihabara Station - Don Goodman-Wilson's site, covering the construction of this eponymous layout, as well as ventures into other related subjects.
  • Japanese Trains - Doug Coster's meta-site covering his several Japanese-inspired railroads, both past and present (including Enoshima, Setagaya, and Nihon Mokei Tetsudo) and a wealth of other information, too.
  • Quinntopia - Jerry Quinn's blog and site, featuring a more freelanced model, including Japanese, European, and other cool looking rolling stock.
  • Sumida Crossing - Ken Shores' site depicting a "protolanced" Japanese urban station and surrounds.

Clubs and Forums
 — Thomas M. Tuerke

There's a thriving community of modelers of Japanese rail, even here in North America.

  • Japan Rail Modelers of Washington, DC, a well-known organization.
  • http://www.jnsforum.com/ - Forum for modelers and railfans of Japanese rail.
  • TrainWeb's Tomix site - Outside of Japan, Tomix FineTrack is not nearly as well known as Kato's UniTrack, but in-country, it's a very strong rival. Unfortunately, that also means that non-Japanese resources are scant, which is where this site comes in (for English speakers, anyway.)

 — Thomas M. Tuerke

Various interesting odds and ends.

 — Thomas M. Tuerke

Why Model Japan?
 — Thomas M. Tuerke

Here are some other folks' reasons for modeling Japan: