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Farewell, Interland

Things will be changing here shortly. I hope it won't be too noticeable to most of of our visitors, but there will be a gradual transition of domains away from our up-til-now service provider, Interland.

Pierce has been on my case to do this for quite a while; he got tired of having me open service tickets to kick-start the server (if you've ever visited and got that infamous "Restarting Application" error, you know what I mean) and he's absolutely right that our other host provider—the one we use for all our clients—has been far more reliable, and a better value for the money. We can get two .NET-capable domains, with twice the disk space there, for the price we pay for a single non-.NET domain here at Interland.

Anyway, a recent incident with Interland has me really disillusioned; it seems like they really want to drive customers away—at least these customers—and despite my misplaced sense of "our first hosting company" loyalty, I've finally had enough. If being overtly lied to by technical support staff isn't a clear enough sign that it's time to move on, the economics of being on a new service provider should be, even considering the economics of moving.

We'll be migrating bit by bit, so be prepared for momentary outages as things transition, and thanks in advance for your patience as we do so. But like I said, hopefully you won't notice any of the bumps as we move.

Well, it was fun while it lasted....